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Jeanine Renée | Americana

  1. Forsaken Jeanine Renée 4:09
  2. Long Time Gone Jeanine Renée 4:09


Grand Mesa Songwriter Festival – June 7th & 8th

In June, Jeanine will be performing at the Grand Mesa Songwriter Festival. Follow this link to purchase tickets.

Paradise Theatre Live – May 25th, 2023

Jeanine will be performing her new album ‘Plastic Madonna’ in entirety at the Paradise Theatre on May 25th, 2023. 

New Album May 25, 2023

My new album ‘Plastic Madonna’ will be released on all digital platforms on May 25th.


Jeanine Renée is an Americana singer, songwriter and poet from Paonia, Colorado. She fell in love the first time one of her poems grew melodic wings and took flight.  Jeanine’s lyrics have been described as ‘raw with grace’, transporting the listener to a place that ‘defies time’.

Growing up exploring the Allegheny backwoods and ponds of their 114 acre homestead in Western New York, Jeanine was always wandering and singing. Though she left to experience further adventures, it is evident in her music that the soul of her home runs deep within her.

After studying Performing Arts in Texas, Colorado and NYC, Jeanine returned to ‘the quiet’ and settled down to raise a family and sheep on a farm in Wisconsin, ultimately moving to the mountains of Colorado. Jeanine’s resonant, soulful voice bears witness to the life lived and woven together through powerful, vulnerable lyrics.  Her live performance is honest and peppered with stories, humor and her infectious laugh.

Her album, Tell Me True, written by Jeanine and Produced by Jackson Emmer was released in August of 2021 and is available on CD or digitally at and other streaming platforms.


‘Plastic Madonna’ Released 5/25/23

  1. Bogey Man Jeanine Renee 4:09
  2. Plastic Madonna Jeanine Renee 4:18

‘Tell Me True’ Released 8/20/2021

  1. Forsaken Jeanine Renée 4:09
  2. Long Time Gone Jeanine Renée 4:09


‘Echoes’ taken from Railwalker

I carry a song in my pocket
that I sing along the ditch –
it holds a piece of my past
locked within its resonant mourning.
A cry echoes forth
from the broken hobo’s journey –
caked in sin like the tar
on a rail walker’s shoes.

About Railwalker

Jeanine Renée is a singer songwriter and poet. Railwalker, her first published collection of poems, emerged from her connection to the rhythms of the dirt roads and rail tracks she wanders. Jeanine is a touring songwriter and musician. Though perfectly at home with her small town life, the troubadour in her loves traveling to meet folks, performing her songs, collecting stories and doing readings along the way.

Book was released Saturday, November 4th 2023

Railwalker is available locally at Paonia Books. For a signed copy please go to Jeanine’s Bandcamp site

Purchase the book on Amazon here



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